Today: March 22 2019
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Just talking

In the church there is a confession.

"Why do not you go confess?"

"I'm not ready yet."

"How not ready?"

"I can not tell my father what I want to say."

- Fearfully?

- And scary, and ashamed ... And I can not.

- And what are you afraid of? Wait, when you crush your sins, do not have time to reach the church? This is even more terrible.

- Yes, I understand, but I can not.

"Start small, and then you look, and the soul opens for confession." Start with the sin in which you are not afraid to repent, which is probably easy for yourself to consider. The Lord is all-seeing, the rest of Him can not be hidden. You look, and a sinful soul opens before God.

"I'm still afraid." Somehow uncomfortable, ashamed before my father to reveal his soul, he is the same person as me.

- And you are not in front of the priest, but before the Lord, open up, tell us about your sins. Repent, ask for forgiveness.

- I can not…

- You are suffering. You come to church and you suffer in your fears. You are afraid to overcome your fear and shame. Like a child before a father. But the father, as his son scolds, will forgive. If the son honestly tells everything. He will confess and repent.

- I'm in agony. I come and can not decide everything.

- And you take the first step - go to the priest and just say hello. And there you look, and the conversation will develop. And in conversation and in the sins of your little by little you will open. God-He sees all the same, hears what you think. So it only remains to say what He already knows about you. Repent before the Father so that He has the opportunity to forgive you.

And the man went to say hello to the priest ...


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