Today: August 20 2018
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Something last time is not written at all. Or no thoughts, or communication on the Internet is distracting - I do not know.
Again he began to see dreams every night, as in his childhood. Why? This question torments for a day, but there is no answer.
Once in a dream I saw my father walking along the road, Heavenly Kingdom, tried to catch up with him. And he saw, turned around and shook his finger at me - do not run after me. Thank you, dad, you try to save me there!


We argue too much. What for?
We prove something on the pages of the Internet. What for?
We do not talk, we measure our knowledge and ambitions. What for?
In the Magadan region, the residents of the region were handed out on a free hectare of land. What for?
The average grave size is 2 meters in depth, 2 meters in length and 1.80 in width.

We often turn to God for help. But we do not accept it. We do not see it. I sometimes marvel at His patience and the fact that He understands us and accepts us as they are.
We often do not notice the handicrafts of God, although we ask for help. We somehow want to see His helping hand and do not see a person standing next to him, which is His helping hand ... and we think just a passer-by.


I came across the idea that people are hammering their heads with reflections about what love is. No, just enjoy this strong emotion, if it is in life. And if not, do not be sad!
A man has gone so far in his perfection that he thinks that, like a rational man, he has no instincts left. Love is so strong an emotion that thanks to it, how painful it would not be then, the human race has a continuation. Instinct went beyond understanding and became an emotion called love. We do not have animal mating for the sake of procreation, we need to love for this. Therefore, we are people, not animals!


I again dream every night, as in my childhood ...
In childhood, dreams help to experience the first emotions and impressions of a lived day.
At my age, dreams help not to worry ... I think so!


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