Today: January 16 2019
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Strange, but for some reason the week ends on Friday. And it starts on Monday. Where did Saturday and Sunday go? Weekend. From life? Strange ...


Social networks on this day explode posts- "Hooray, today is Friday!" More often mentioned are some clubs, restaurants, taverns. Drinks are often listed, which must be drunk on Friday evening and then again for two days. Five days before that, the people did not drink and hungry ...

Did not live ...


For two days, since Friday, in social networks, a huge number of photos of various plates with food, glasses of wine and glasses of whiskey. Will be photographed everything that only gets into the lens of the smartphone (mostly) and even ashtrays with cigarette butts. Comments to these photos will be the same as the photos themselves ...


At last.
Feeling that the whole world is waiting for Friday. Five days, five difficult days with thoughts of Friday. What an amazing day ...


On Friday, towards evening, everything is already on the treadmill, ready to start from the evening on the weekend. Saturday, Sunday. About these, the next two days, less is known. They are not expected. They wait for Friday, and Saturday and Sunday come themselves, as a continuation of Friday.

Saturday and Sunday is what was born on Friday evening.


Sounds like a "point". As a sentence. As a finished life ...
Although life is born on Sunday and Monday, this is her joyful continuation.

It's not Friday ...

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