Today: February 23 2019
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Often people began to meet baptized in Orthodox Christianity, but for some reason interested in and writing quotes from Buddhism, or some other religion of the world. Admiring the "subtle meaning" of certain sayings from other religions or philosophical currents, taking this sometimes for truth or dogma. They read a lot of literature about all this, they look for quotes, which, in their opinion, are written by great people.

All this is certainly so. Mankind is rich in its talents and minds.

But I'm talking about us Orthodox.

And have we read a lot of the patristic books of our Holy Elders of the Church during our lives? And how many times in my life have I read the Gospel according to which we live in this world? If they did, did they try to understand what they read? Have they turned to wisdom for the words of our Holy Fathers who bring us the truth Divine and the accuracy of the determinations of our whole life?

No. For some reason we will seek and share Osho quotes or similar gurus of our time, completely forgetting our Faith, our Life, our Father. Baptized Christians in Orthodoxy.

For some reason, we began to think that we understand all religions, citing examples and quotations, proving our rightness in the conversation. We began to understand everything: in astrology, in horoscopes, in some kind of "Vedas" and "Reiki". In the "nirvans" and "energy levels", in the "aura". But we do not know our faith at all. Illiterate, like preschool children, who do not yet know how to read, but already know the letters.

It may be rude, but affordable: suppose you bought a car and expect to ride it. Will you be able to go confidently if you know about driving only from the words of your neighbors, and you yourself have never been behind the wheel? Most likely, you will be waiting for disappointment and downed curbs. You will both theoretically and practically study driving to go confidently on the road.

So why, when we have found Christ, we do not know who that is; finding the Faith, do not believe? We do not completely understand what was given to us by the Lord from birth. We are Orthodox, we quote the philosophers of completely unknown to us creeds (?) Or religions (?), But do not know the works of our Holy Fathers, the wisdom and truth of their sayings, the wealth and the source of all our life. Christians by birth, and on the way we go uncertainly, demolishing curbs at every turn. Because the theory goes through textbooks written in another language, trying to lean on not to fall on what will lead to the abyss of confusion and chaos in my head. Accordingly, and practice no! It's like how, in speaking Russian, trying to speak in other languages, thinking that you speak to them. Although you do not even know your native language yet.

He gave us books in hand, and we only need to open them and read them, and not to admire the covers.

Over the long years of my life, I realized one thing-knowledge is not in the knowledge of the philosophies and religions of the whole world, but in diligent study of what you were born into, what the Lord gave us even at the moment of conception of a new life. It is not enough to pass the Sacrament of Epiphany, letting the Lord sow a seed of Christianity into his soul. It is not enough to be a Christian, if you do not nurture this very grain in your soul, reading the Gospel and the writings of the Holy Fathers of the Church. It is not enough to know your history, which, through light works and the words of the Startsev, goes through our whole life and strikes you with your wisdom, if you do not read and study this wisdom. Is it worth to go for water to a neighbor, maybe a pagan, if you are thirsty, when the source is in you? The source given by the Lord at birth, to which one only needs to be attached with diligence and perseverance. As a son loves the Father, so does the Father love his son. With what love the son will address the question to his Father, with such love and the Father will share his wisdom. And she will impress with her revelation and truth so that all the words read earlier will fade. Reading the Holy Elders, you understand that these are the diligent disciples of our Father who, by their example, shouted to us deaf: learn, cultivate and become Orthodox Christians-children of the Father, who loves us all.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.

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