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Conversations of passersby

Two grandmothers are coming. One other says:

- Well, the youth now went ...

And the second one answers:

- And you go, what stopped.


There are two children, obviously roaming the street. One asks the other:

"Will your parents scold you at home when you come?"

The second says:

- No, they should not ...

Then the first says:

"Well, then, we'll go to you."


Two heavily tipsy peasants are staggering. To one another he says:

- And we sat well.

The other in perplexity answers:

- And we that planted something?


There are two girls-schoolgirls and talking. One asks the other:

- Who likes you more from our class, Petya or Vaska?

The second answers:

- I like Petya, because he wears my schoolbag from school, and I like Vaska.


A husband and wife are walking along the street. My wife says:

- Darling, it seems to me that I have not bought something yet?

The husband answers:

"Probably the moon."

Wife indignantly:

- And why is that?


- Yes, because today we were not there only.


There is an old man walking along the street and muttering:

- And now everyone walks, walks, walks ...

When I came up to him, I saw in his hands the old pocket watch "Pavel Bure" ...


The woman stopped, sat down on the bench and lit a cigarette. Deeply protracted and slowly with a groan exhaled:

- Bastard ...


Two young creatures passed by, clearly in love, and, running up in different directions, shouted to each other:

- See you in the "inst"!

As it turned out, this is not an institution. This is the social network Instagram.


I was overtaken by a man who, on the move, quietly read Yesenin's poems. Apparently there was a free minute to read.


I was stopped by a passer-by with a frowning face and asked:

- Man, can not I have a cigarette?

I was a little taken aback by surprise ...

And he pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, handed it to me and said:

"Cook, I dropped it."


Mom and daughter are walking along the street and the girl always asks:

"Mom, when will I grow up?" Mom, when will I be an adult?

So she wanted to say to her:

"Do not rush, little angel!" Live completely happy!


A source: CypLIVE

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