Today: March 23 2019
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Did not include the whole year the TV and still do not include so much. Russian television, Russian channels. To watch, you need to have steel nerves. Why? Advertising!

But he turned on the whole day, doing some sort of work, trying to watch in the background, switching channels.

What's left in the memory? What impressions did you have? If you consider that I periodically switched channels in search of more or less interesting.

Constantly pissing children. Diapers for them are all the more tender and comfortable. They are able to keep increasing volume of moisture and children with these "buckets" of liquid on the ass play and smile. I'm comfortable with them. And parents too. You can carelessly spend time and one day, remove this diaper-capacity from the baby. I represent his happy face. The child.

People are getting sick. Diarrhea and runny nose, heartburn and bad smell from the mouth, all covered with pimples (acne). In attempts to be treated, they also spoil the microflora of the stomach, which apparently leads to insomnia.

A lot of chewing gum, wanting to dissolve aroma in each other in love embraces. But sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy make you use another rubber, so thin that the sensations remain natural, but you do not pick up the gonorrhea and you will not become a parent. And do not change diapers.

Women smell of wildflowers, despite the fact that they continue to use "insoles for shoes" for hygienic purposes, but with wings that do not leak and do not allow smell. You can dance, play sports and chat with your girlfriends, feeling yourself somewhere in the meadow among cornflowers and chamomiles.

Constantly something must be washed. Because the new powder is washed before the snow whiteness, and before that, the laundry you washed was just dirty. It's unclear how people could live in this mud, if not for the new powder.

Young people like to crunch! They crunch everything that falls into their hands. Chips, croissons, crisps and just crunches. All this with a natural flavor of cheese, ham or fire. And they are all alive. Maybe because they drink it all with "cola" without sugar or with non-alcoholic beer? Maybe because all the day the Ministry of Health warns that smoking and alcohol are harmful to health?

And everything else is useful?

McDonald's and the Big Mac. As a mausoleum and Lenin. Forever alive!

People constantly take a shower, trying to be clean. But your skin can still become tender and silky. You did not know about this? ...

And so all day. At the end of the day, I felt sick, hungry, dirty and with a bad smell, not only from my mouth. Now I'm afraid not to fall asleep on the non-washed laundry with a new powder.

Of all the viewed, the news was remembered when advertising is powerless. But this is a separate topic. This is even cooler than advertising.

I do not turn on the TV yet. I decided to read books.


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