Today: January 16 2019
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Was born ...

Was born quickly and I do not remember how,
And he lived wandering, gaining experience.
Life is amazingly changing tact,
Screamed at me, turning to a whisper ...

And the wind of thought drove into my head,
And people clinging to the sleeve,
We tried to say everything that I did not know.
And I was in a hurry, all running past!

One day, hearing the cry, Stop it!
I suddenly burst into an endless race.
And the blind man looked up again,
I heard the truths of the word about the Eternal!

And if his path began blind,
The wise men opened my eyelids.
The filled vessel did not become empty,
Of the shallow streams, large rivers!

I'm not a magician and not a god at all,
To re-create fairy tales.
And my life is a battered pair of legs
And their shoes are dear to the past, dust!

I remember the wise men on my way,
But he himself is only a disciple, not a sage!
While you're going, and not standing, you need to go.
And you stop and wisdom ends ...


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