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Homeland? Cyprus?..

Today I realized that it was not exactly a Cypriot.
Among the speakers are the Russian outcast.
The roommate is like-so. By the sea. Not a patriot.
Lover of birches, noisy streets. Not this surf.

Frappe does not insert. And the souvle is not pelmen at all.
In Greek, something I can not really say. 
Here everyone smiles, even if a migraine.
And they do not booze here, but they try to drink.

Not Cypriot among all the Cypriots visitors.
I'm not very proud. The chest was not filled with pride.
Me pancakes with meat so want the same
And the seeds of our Rostov on oil slightly.

I like the sea and the sun I like too.
I feel good here. Well, almost good. Without deception.
But my face is the same Russian face!
He did not become a Cypriot. All the same hare from Magadan ...


A source: CypLIVE