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Happy New Year!

Under a fur coat of herring and olivier remains,
Oh, how sweet,
Rushing through a whirlwind New Year's clock!

Glasses that are filled with champagne,
Laughing ladies ...
And the children of Santa Claus are pulling their mustaches!

Do you remember that there was a cake for the holiday?
Ah, the prankster ...
You did not get to it that night!

And if I did not get to know, I had fun,
So drunk,
And I ate, about the sport of thought driving away!

And in the new year, crawling, dream-smoother,
Already pacified,
And happily realizing, he lived for a year!

And the morning is new, already starting with dinner,
When you wake up,
You understand that you also love and love!


A source: CypLIVE

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