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I will do myself what I want to say

Sometimes I meet people, talk to them. Sometimes I simply correspond. Perhaps because of my age, these people ask me questions and ask for advice on this or that life situation. And I answer them. I find in my thoughts the decision that, in my opinion, can help. I have many years and life gave me a certain experience. Life gave me an opportunity to experience what people sometimes ask about. And I give advice .... Sometimes people's questions make me think and remember the experience of others, compare with my life and answer the question. Probably, there is something in my advice if people are satisfied with them. Sometimes they tell me about the wisdom of these tips. Although I myself do not think so, because I know for sure that I myself am learning from these people who ask questions.

But one day I talked with a very grown man, who was almost the same age as me. We talked about life. Talked about different situations and somehow imperceptibly touched upon the topic of advice to others and the wisdom of the person giving advice. Maybe I was talking to myself at that moment. But what I heard, I'll tell you.

And I heard.

Can I give advice if I am still healthy and have strength? If I am healthy and have the strength, I will do myself what I can advise. I will do what I want to say.

But when I become quite old and feeble, when the forces leave me, and my mind is still bright, then I will give the wise advice ...

In the meantime, it seems like a useful talk.

Perhaps I spoke with one of the wise men who lives in each of you, my dear interlocutors.


A source: CypLIVE

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