Today: February 20 2019
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Today 28.03.2018

Spring in Cyprus, Africa,
In Russia, people died in a shopping center.
And the heart cries, and the soul hurts.
The life of a man began to cost less than a cent.

And many messages at random,
Posts written so much as horrible.
Everyone has his own view of death,
And much anger in this, anger, grief is not enough.

Drop the handles, stand on your knees,
Forget the thoughts of political ambitions.
And spend this day in the pier,
The memory pages are sad pages.

Today, do not look for the guilty ones,
Look into each other's eyes silently.
There are neither poor nor rich in death.
Death has no justified events.

In prayer, bow your souls,
Grieve your heart with a sorrowful sadness.
Those who left us will be listened to ...
Pray. Remember. And live with memory ...


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