Today: January 17 2019
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Today so ...

When you are going to do something good, look back at your yard.

Is everything well done there?

Sometimes, after dreaming, we are ready to perform feats. We think we need to do something good, useful, good in life. All good and good begins with small things.

But is it small in us?

I woke up in the morning and said to everyone: "Good morning!" Thank God for a new day!

He went out into the street and greeted me. I wished health to the person I met!

I shared a kind word and a good mood with someone who is sad.

He did not respond to abuse and swearing stopped. She is helpless before silence or a smile!

I met an interesting person and listened to him.

He met the crying man and stopped his tears.

I saw the fallen man and lifted him to his feet.

I met a man who was disbelieving in everything and prayed for him.

Is not this a feat ?!


How often do we quarrel and swear. How often do we face intransigence to the traditions and rules of another people. How often do we think that our faith is the only true of all religions.

But why?

Imagine that the day comes when people of different nationalities, different religions, different characters will face the same wicket in a different world. And passing the threshold of this wicket, they will sit at the same table. And it will no longer matter how you called your god, in what language you spoke, whether you are poor or rich, cheerful or gloomy-all at the same table, like brothers and sisters, like the children of one Father.


I saw a thought with the words: "... if you want love, then ...".

If you want love, love people and the world around you, love yourself. And then you will feel the love you want!


Each of us has our own shepherd. But this is not the person who will nourish us and prepare for slaughter. And the one who will teach something, share his experience and wisdom, will direct the true path. Shepherd, who will not let go astray and disappear into oblivion.

One who shares a piece of bread in a hungry time and gives a sip of water to thirst, thereby teaching us to share with others.

The same person you want to go for. And you want to go further, remembering all that he taught, gaining his experience.

And kak-we would not become more intelligent and independent with the years, always ahead of us is someone who is called a shepherd.


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