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Tale of a little boy and his homeland

One day a little boy wandered into a very large city. He walked along a very wide and long street, which apparently was the main one in this city. And towards him came adult people. It was a very strange city. Every adult who comes across meets the need to stop the boy and talk to him.
While the boy did not go to this city, he felt free and walked as he wished. Going to this city and hitting this big street. Freedom clearly diminished and the boy did not walk. He walked, stopped by every counter adult man.
And every adult person asked him the same question:
- Do you love your homeland?

Here a fat aunt stopped him, crouched in front of him and said:
- What a good boy!
She smelled of sweat and some perfume, which she apparently still early in the morning sprinkled on herself, after counting that it was enough. It is enough to smell in the morning. By lunchtime she was already clinging to the world around all the smells that there is ...
With a sweet, sweet smile on her sweaty face, she asked:
"Boy, do you love your homeland?"
The boy looked at his aunt in perplexity and did not understand it.
He thought that he loved the cakes that his mother always does to him ... And for some reason he remembered how he pressed himself to his mother's breast and began to smell of warm sweet milk, which he also loved.

He looked at his aunt with his clear and clear eyes and tried to understand what she had asked ...

After another five or ten meters, the boy stared at someone's huge feet, standing in front of him. A huge man stood before him and looked down at the boy from above.
"Are you walking, kid?" The peasant asked.
Then the peasant sharply sat down, looked the boy in the eye and asked:
- Do you love your country?
What the muzhik asks, the boy did not understand.
But he knew for sure that he loved the warm hands of his mother, who warmed and hugged, without asking any questions. He loved it when his mother, sitting down on his bed, always sang softly some soft melodies.

The boy looked into the eyes of the peasant and saw nothing in them except fatigue and anxiety ...

After walking some more time along this big and crowded street, the boy realized that he would not take a walk anymore ... An adult couple, a man and a woman, suddenly stopped him, and the woman said enthusiastically:
"Vasya, look at you, very small and pretty, like our Vanya!"
Tetkin's delight was not very encouraging for the boy, but the man sat up sharply, took the boy by the shoulders and asked:
- Do you love your country?
The boy began to look anxiously, and all the time trying to understand what they wanted from him, these adults in this strange and very large city. What are they asking him about?

The boy looked at the woman for a long time, waiting for an answer with an open mouth, then at the man with a stern gaze, also waiting for something.
"I love my mother," said the boy.

He walked further along this wide and long street of a very large city and kept repeating:
- I love my mom! I love my mom! I love my mom!

No one else ever stopped a little boy on the roads of his life.


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