Today: January 16 2019
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Random conversations

Today there was a little conversation with a young man. He shared his thoughts. And he said:

"One thing I'm starting to understand now, and this is closer to me, the more modest in life, the more modest in food, the more modest in desires, the richer and happier I feel." ...

That's how the guy started talking. Orthodox people. I listened with approval to these his thoughts and remembered the Russian saying that it was modesty that adorns a person, and therefore makes him happy. And he told him that the beauty and wealth of the soul is not in material prosperity, but in spiritual development. In the culture of the person given to him from birth.

And he again continued:

"But sometimes I behave honestly towards these thoughts, and this upsets me. Eat from the belly, drink alcohol, swear at the floor, look at the women's ass. And the last, by the way, delivers a good mood »...

And he said all this with regret, as if he had betrayed his thoughts, his aspirations, his life.

If the guy started thinking about it, then it's good. If such thoughts make him think, he is on the right track.

It is easy to forget the math. Many worthy and understandable words exist to express their emotions. Mat is only licentiousness in words, which is sin. But getting rid of the mat is not difficult, since it came to us not from birth, but from the street.

Go to church for confession to the priest, repent before the Lord and never again swear!

It's not difficult not to overeat or, as the guy said, do not eat from the belly.

Do not eat alone, you will not overeat!

And with alcohol it is possible to abstain. It is only necessary to read and understand the words of the Bible:

"Do not be among the revelers of wine" (Prov. 23: 20).

"Who has howl? Who has a groan? who has a quarrel? whose grief? who has wounds without a cause? Who has purple eyes?

Those who long sit behind wine, who come to find wine flavored. Do not look at the wine, how it turns red, how it sparkles in the bowl, how it looks evenly: afterwards, like a snake, it will bite, and sting like an aspid; your eyes will look at strange wives, and your heart will speak lecherous "(Prov .23: 29-33).

"And do not get drunk with wine, from which there is debauchery; but be filled with the Spirit "(Eph. 5: 18).

Do not get drunk with wine and do not be among the revelers of wine ...

Look how simple and clear everything is! And then the idea of ​​alcohol will not worry, bother. And if he is worried, then pray and repent before the Lord, so he will forgive and give you reason.

About women and their beauty. Although the guy used the word "ass," rather, he thought how beautiful she was. A woman in different cultures, in various arts is a symbol of beauty. But not only beauty.

A sinful soul will be tormented by lust, a sinful soul does not see beauty. A sinful soul is blind.

Imagine for a moment that when you look at the woman's ass with lustful thoughts and bad words, this woman is someone's daughter, someone's sister, someone's wife or someone's mother. Presented? But it could be your sister, wife, daughter or mother. And there could be someone you probably know. A man who is possibly of your kind. To see in any woman is necessary, first of all, the mother, and not the sexual object of her lascivious consciousness.

Do you have a family! Look at your women and rejoice that they love you! And God grant that your glance from this is always bright and joyful! Thank the Lord for giving you this joy. Learn to see the beauty of a person, and not to think of lusting with lust.

Stop ceasing to sin in your thoughts, you will cease to sin in deeds and deeds.

The path to God is difficult. The baptism of man is not even the first step on this path, but the opportunity to become the first person the Lord created. The way to God is ahead. The path of repentance and humility. It is difficult for worldly people to humble themselves and their carnal desires. The devil let them know, and the Lord gave us the choice-to live or die.

Finally I heard:

"Ah, here it is, my dear. Repentance, patience and humility. Be straightened ... "

What to say?

Start small. And a great one will come.

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