Today: January 16 2019
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Media - mass media

The fourth power (English Fourth Estate) is a word combination that determines the press itself and its influence in the society. It is alleged that "journalists have great power in society"

And the realization of this power must be combined with modesty and a sense of duty to the reader. At all times they have achieved recognition through a high level of accuracy and impartiality, as well as by respecting the rules of fair play.

It should be noted that the term "fourth power" is lyrical and reflects only the enormous influence of the media on society. At the same time, the media do not have real power, since they do not have the legal right to force compulsively to commit any act.


Probably again after reading articles, posts and comments on social networks, I thought about the media ...

It is beautifully said about the media:

"At all times they have achieved recognition through a high level of accuracy and impartiality ..."
They did it! And they have achieved that now everything can be written in a row, which will come to your mind and it does not matter whether it is true and impartial. Although…
Is everything that we read is the media in that classical sense, when this "genre" of writing was just emerging? Journalism…
In the history of the development of mankind there are three ancient professions.

First: prostitution. And the second? The second is considered journalism! Although the priority is rather - politics! So:

1. Prostitution.
2. Journalism.

Sometimes it seems to me, these two, and if politics, then three professions have something in common. And you, dear readers do not think so? But this is clearly not accuracy and impartiality!
A huge amount of false or deceitful information is filled with pages of Internet publications and Internet portals. It is so huge that it is practically impossible to find a truthful article, accurate in presentation and impartial, in fact. And reading all this, we share our impressions, write comments, try to express our opinion. We give each other proof of their thoughts, based on other articles on the same topic. We share the lies read, spreading it further ...
And from what do we choose the truth? From a huge mass of written lies? What are we trying to prove our thoughts? Read another lie?
We have become so convinced of the written material on the Internet that we do not think about the original source! We are discussing something that maybe simply does not exist, but only invented ... We believe and this is the weakest place in our minds.
Precision and impartiality, as the original rule of journalism, disappeared. And there was deceit and lie.
"Evil is ... a devilish disgrace that has lost the truth and thinks to keep it from many." Reverend John the Ladder (57, 159).

And we read and comment. We discuss, trying to understand what we read, trying to share our thoughts ... What?
"................................" Manifestation is an ingenuity to evil intentions, when a man, hiding himself with something good and offering it to another as a bait, thereby fulfilling his intention "
St. Basil the Great.

Two of the oldest professions. Something unites them ...
Accuracy, impartiality and, how would you say softer about corruption? Probably so: everything has its price.
Everything has its price ...

I read the Internet ... alas.

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