Today: March 22 2019
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Sometimes we allow ourselves to be angry with a person. Malice takes possession of our whole being and turns into angry words about a person. And it is not reason and wisdom that speaks in us, but anger vain. Words of wrath break free from control, do not make any sense, but only inflame our malicious emotions. In anger at a man, in an angry cry, we lose the face of a man in himself. We in our image go far from the image of the first person created by the Lord, we become like a beast.

Is it worth it to be angry and angry in your speeches? Should we allow anger to be the leader of our opinion about a person whose address we are angry with?

Imagine for a moment that the person to whom you are pouring out your anger, your anger has departed to the side, left completely, not having listened to your anger. Disappeared somewhere in the distance, continuing your way and not paying attention to yourself. What happened, what's left?

Anger and anger were left with you. And they began to destroy you, to grow and destroy you as a person. Dolamyvat you beast, destroying the soul. Anger and malice directed at another person, stayed with you and turned to you, on you with all your bestial strength. And with all this power they destroy your soul, making you mortal and physically, and spiritually. Malice and anger make you dead in the truest sense of the word.

Then think about whether to get angry? Should I allow anger and anger towards another person to turn around and turn against yourself? And this is exactly how it will be! Kindness and compassion turn to you mercy. Anger and anger toward another person will destroy and destroy you.

Read what the spiritual master, John (Maslov) says in his spiritual discourses and moral lessons:

Malice is a disease of the soul.
Malice comes from selfishness.
Malignancy is born of envy or OBES.
Anger is an established ANGER.
Those who reward evil for good deeds are worse than meaningless beasts.
Malice closes the doors of charity.
Malice and anger open the entrance to the SOUL OF THE DIAMOND.
Evil is manifested in hatred, persecution, slander.
The spite is decided on murder, slander.
Malice leads to crime.
Malice is plotting harm in various ways.
Wanting the death of a neighbor, a person becomes worse than a demon.
Malice brings a lot of harm.
The wicked ruin society.
Malice leads to spiritual blindness, because man boasts of the evil done.
Malice so darkens a person that he begins to boast of lawlessness.
Anger in such a state leads a person that he is ready to ruin himself.
The wicked man suffers from his passion.
Evil, often plotting others to hurt, destroys oneself.
Those who want to revenge themselves are dying.
No feats can save an evil from flour.
Cut off the malice with the word of God.
Malice is a stench in the soul.
Expel by SMILING (8, with .392-397)

And carefully understand the last phrase: "Expel SMILING".
That's what we have always lacked and not enough-humility.
And in the end:
After the Fall, anger entered the person's soul (7, c.172).
Why does the world have anger?
Malice <...> exists in the world not for the creation of peace and prosperity, but for trouble and strife, bringing many miseries and suffering to people (7, c.326).

God grant us all humility!


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