Today: March 26 2019
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Recently wrote: "Do you want to hear advice? Advise me something! "
And one comment was this: "Take care of the repair of the apartment."
He first made me laugh, but then ...

Can I make repairs in a house that is not?
Can I quench my thirst by standing by the dried-up riverbed?
Is it possible to fix something in the soul if it is empty?

But the advice is very good in itself! For those who have lived and built a house. Planted a tree. He grew up children.
I did everything in life.
As if everything ... but something annoying, something bothers ... Routine.
And repair will help brighten up those days, which suddenly become routine. A small change in the interior, and life will again sparkle with new colors, new emotions. Maybe in the shower something is "repaired", and it will be filled with new feelings, desires, thoughts.
And it's not a matter of repairing even the action, which will make life boring, will destroy the monotony of everyday life. Will get rid of the eternal question: "What should I do? How to be? "
Otherwise, you can say, change your life!

I remembered my mother. When she for some reason was nervous or something annoyed her, she began to clean up in the house. Wiped the dust that never was, wash floors or wash. In general, I started to do something in the house. And gradually calmed down, and she returned to a good mood. And she already shared good mood with us.

"Take care of the repair of the apartment." This comment was from a woman.
Thank you for the good mood!


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