Today: March 22 2019
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I'll ask God!

Let's talk,
Until what will not do?
Or listen,
Having ears we?
Or maybe we'll read
Those authors, to whom respect?
Whom we honor,
When we read.
It is never too late to learn,
Not standing in a pose.
Perhaps you are familiar with the teacher,
But you are still a disciple.
And Thank God yet,
What can you learn?
Pulling through a heap of knowledge,
Of Knowledge
Picking up the burden,
You experience good.
And listening to the gossip,
Eating a meager thought,
We want to say.
And you need to know:
Once my mouth opened,
You will be heard.
And you will not bring back the sounds,
Thoughtlessly abandoned for agony
And the words are empty
The last breath.
Will we talk? Or silent?
How to know,
Is not it better to listen
That warms the soul.
And fills the mind
Wisdom of the story.
And even Startsev whispered,
An experience,
In which wisdom breathes
Then, when they are heard.
And comprehending wisdom in silence,
I'm glad that only at the very beginning
I stand in my way,
Which is destined to pass.
And that this way should not end,
So that I do not come back
To the begining,
Knowing a little.
And neither when I do not know much.
I'll ask then. With God.


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