Today: March 19 2019
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A strange dialogue maybe military and women

Is he:
"That's killing yourself like this is bad ..."

She is:
"There are tribes in which cannibalism is a familiar thing and for them to eat their own kind of norm"

Is he:
"Well, it's not normal"

She is:
"Ok, it's bad to kill, but you're a military man and if they tell you to go kill for their homeland, you'll go, and you'll kill, because that's kind of good already and it's good already? But it's bad to kill, right?"

And its conclusion:
"What do you think, did the person object to me after?

So when you do something "good", do not be sure that it is good for others, it means that it is good for you. And if for you it is bad or terrible, does not mean that it will be bad for another. There are "flies" and there are "spiders" ... "

I do not know if that person objected to the interlocutor, but if she asked such a question and answers it herself, she probably did not say anything. Perhaps there was no point in arguing, perhaps he was also a gentleman.

Alas, I'm different, so I'll say a little. Not about the military, not about the woman. About us.

And if people loved each other, loved themselves, loved the world that was originally?

We would love the Lord, our Creator, as He loves us. If we knew what love is, and not lust, sweetheart and avarice. Would this dialogue take place then? It would then be necessary to kill each other and reason, what is good, and what is bad? No!

A strange and terrible thought is "to kill for good" ...

Murder is a sin. And it can not be for good. It's murder, it's a sin. And a point.

We destroyed the world that the Lord created. This we imagined ourselves to be wise and perfect, and for the first time did something bad, then later, after some time to find out what is good. We began to think that cannibalism is the norm among cannibals. Is the norm itself cannibals? No! We decided that it's bad to kill for money, and it's the norm to fight and kill at war. Is the norm itself a war? No! Like murder, it's a sin. We forgot how God created us, but it's even more terrible that we forgot what He taught and taught us, which He commanded us, sending us to live on the earth.

And probably then there were "flies" and "spiders" in our minds. It was at this moment that we ceased to hear our Father.

Once, when I was in the hospital, I saw such an event. The girl had a cold for a cold and someone gave her a drop from the cold. Good? So she dripped drops in her nose and instantly fell into a coma because of allergies to these drops. Doctors did not save her, could not. Bad?

About the same, we all became aware of those "drops" that, as we decided to help another, but do not know who will save us from ourselves. Because pride does not allow us to look into the face of our Father, sins do not allow us to hear what He said on the first day of our birth.

Do not do well to then say that it's good. If you do it for the sake of affirmation, then it is only your pride. Do not do it badly, because it's bad, especially since you know about it. Do as the Father taught us. And if you do not remember this, then act in accordance with conscience! How?

Probably the way you would act in relation to your child, to your mother. With love. And to yourself, because you are the vessel in which the soul lives, which must be protected, not broken, so as not to lose soul.
And then there will be no "spiders" or "flies" in your reasoning.

Something like this…


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