Today: March 18 2019
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There is such a word in social networks - smart.

As it were not quite a fool.

And if it's a fool, it's not quite true either.

If he does not know everything, he read it.

If I read, I do not remember everything.

But I still remember something.

And once I remember, I told others.

How can he told how they taught.

And I did not study diligently, but I was at school.

On some.

Perhaps not in Russian and literature, but was.

It seems on the drawing for sure.

He left school, they said already clever. Go to work.

So that's something I read somewhere and told.


It would be better to draw.

But for social networks will go.

There are all "writers", artists are few.

Yet he told and wrote.

In social networks.


People say:

If there were no fools, where would the smart take?

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