Today: March 26 2019
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Tired Angel

And the wings, having folded after a day of labor,
He sat down at the very edge of the universe.
I thought it was tired, I did everything for God,
From Hell to Eden, your work.

In meditations I sat like a simple man,
Tired of people's fate.
Having removed wings, suddenly the load fell on his shoulders,
All the weight born, all the ashes of death.

And look, into the endless works of striving,
And the thoughts of those who came in the heart, gather
In a single whole, holding the soul together,
Human actions, trying to understand.

That's how I would sit, but time is short,
While at least one person on Earth ...
After all, somewhere was born, and where - was dying.
And something a moment, and something and a century!


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