Today: February 20 2019
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In my head again someone itches

At times, it seems to me, the world of women and men has changed so much that conversations about honor, dignity, love, respect for them are uninteresting. Love has long been just sex, an honor-long forgotten virginity, feelings-a quantity of material benefits from relationships! People talking about something sublime and pure-rarities.

Maybe we need to change the situation? But, unfortunately, the Lord is not so merciful to me to now allow this.


I'm not going anywhere yet.

I'm tired. A little bit of sitting

In meditations on the threshold

And about God.


God made man?


A neighbor says that people from monkeys have occurred.

Well, do-parents do not choose.


Today I went outside and the Earth with my warm wind, gently stroked my face. Strange planet. Poured by the blood of wars, dug by the craters of the explosions, covered with the death of innocently murdered people, still gently and affectionately caresses your face ...

Forgive me, planet Earth.


Why do we often look at the sky?

Because it is so clean and serene. And on it there are no traces of our dirty shoes.
The Earth used to be like this before.


When I see a lonely tree in a clear field that goes far beyond the horizon, I suddenly realize how hard it was for him. But it survived. And the leaves suddenly begin to move with a deep sigh to the whole district, and the branches creak with their wounds. And the pain echoes away into the distance ...


I was often persuaded to jump with a parachute. They say adrenaline goes off scale and this is something insanely good.

I wonder what they have adrenaline off scale? From the fact that the parachute opened? I would go off-scale only in one case, when the parachute did not open and I would spread a cow cake (at best) on the ground. That's a thrill ...

Alas, I'm a teetotaler. It's not time to get high.


Have you ever stepped on a beetle creeping along the way? Have you heard the crunch?

And now imagine how you will crunch?


Do you remember the first time you got a "deuce" at school? And how long did you return home? It seemed like an eternity.

No wonder they say: the way to knowledge is long and thorny.


I was visited today by an idea. Silently she twisted in her head and disappeared. I never asked her, but what I needed was ...


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