Today: January 21 2019
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In an empty head, they think with a wind ...

A written or spoken thought that no one has read and heard is a dead thought.


Not everything read at times, pleases and inspires. But this is subjective. In life, someone loves the sweet, and someone fried eggs. And the testicle, where is it from? From the ass, of course!


Why did our parents give us such names? Someone on the saints, someone consulting with all relatives. I do not speak about mods, they can call it. Imagine how many conversations were around your name, how many stories were remembered, how many distant ones are listed, how many examples from the history associated with your names. And all this was happening around you, still may not be born to the light. And then you were born and you were given a name. Each of the relatives and parents put in their name their meaning, their wishes. So that you grow and be proud of your name, that it inspires you to do good deeds and deeds. That the name lead you through life, accumulating knowledge and sharing them with other people. And your parents put in this name and their love and generosity of their souls, knowing in advance what you will grow up and share this love and generosity with others.

Be proud of your names! Believe me, each of them has a story that your parents gave to you!


The news feed of the profile of social networks, not a conveyor belt at a brick factory, where from year to year the same bricks move for loading. Rather, it is a tape of thoughts, moods and completely unexpected topics that do not fit into the laws of logic.


Some news feeds seem to be filled with something, but, all the same bricks!


A case from the life of Cyprus.

One late summer evening I sat near the house at a table. One familiar Greek came and said:
- Let's drink something, good evening!
I answered him:
"You drink it, but I do not drink."
Then he was surprised by this and said:
"Why are not you drinking at all?"
I answered that I drink of course ... water.
He left and a couple of minutes later came with two or three two-liter bottles of water and a couple of glasses. He sat down with me at the table and poured water over the glasses. That's how they sat, talked and drank water ...
Long sat, talked a lot and he poured water into the glasses all the time. An hour and a half or two passed. Another acquaintance of this Greek came. And then the one with whom we drank water, says to the one who came:
- Imagine, we sit almost two hours, talk a lot and interestingly. We drank almost all the water and nothing ... Sober!


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