Today: January 21 2019
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They say: the sapper is mistaken only once.

But it is necessary to step on the "cow dumpling" in life many times. Kak-would not try to bypass all the abomination, filth and filth in this life, all this sooner or later comes across on your way.

Sometimes I want to be a sapper so much.


The Irony of Fate.

The miner spends a large part of his life underground because of his profession. And only when he finishes his labor activity, he stays there forever.

We are all a bit of a miner.


Reflections at the airport.

The souls of many people were still in the sky. And all this begins with the words: The boarding for the flight is announced ...


Carriage idea.

Sitting on the train, no longer turn off the road.

But most importantly, do not get into a dead end.


On the hunt.

A flock of cranes and a skydiver flew by me. Beautifully flew.

But I waited, hugging my gun, when the geese would fly.



Not pecking. But the stories could already boil the ear.



He walked along the street, stumbled and hit. Hit so that it was very painful. It hurt so much that he swore badly. I was so furious that I was arrested and given 15 for a day.

But the pain subsided with time.


Work days.

When my wife heard the question in the hallway: Did they call for the plumbing? - she realized that her husband returned from work. But when he went to the toilet with the tools, he guessed that he had returned, but not quite.


Different shops.

The pharmacy salesman noticed that bread was not brought to the bread shop that was located opposite.

The seller of the bread shop noticed that the drugstore, which is located opposite, today brought analgin and condoms.



Childhood is the time when, from all the sores, plantain and snot helps not only from cold, but also from joy.

Youth is when you fall in love, but you think that you are dead.

Adulthood is when you fall in love about the same way as you catch cold, but the plantain does not help.

Old age is when you start to appreciate plantain more than anything else.


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