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Eternal apprentice Grandpa Go

WISDOM is a property of the human mind, characterized by the degree of mastery of knowledge and subconscious experience and expressed in the ability to appropriately use them in society, taking into account a specific situation (Wikipedia).

Living our lives from year to year, we constantly find interlocutors or those we listen to. An inquisitive mind always seeks answers to questions that arise throughout life. Since birth, we have been given the opportunity to know what is around us. Even as a child, to learn the effect of fire, we need to burn for this, in order to know the pain, we need to fall. All at first it is necessary to feel on yourself to understand, and that surrounds us. But this is the physical sensation of life itself, but what happens in spiritual development? We have questions and answers to them? In adults who have lived a long life of the wise? And are all adults wise? With whom it is more interesting and useful to talk: with the one who begins his speech with the words "I know, because I have lived life!" Or with the person who speaks- "I know, because I was wrong!"? Is it worth talking to someone who has never made a mistake in his life and says that he knows about life or is it better to talk with someone who was wrong in his life and also knows about it? Choose yourself an interlocutor as far as what experience is important to you! A person who has never fallen down will not be able to teach you how to rise! A man who once broke his arm or leg, knows all his life how to save his head !!!

The wisdom of the person, your interlocutor is not so much in your knowledge, but as in the ability to recognize that he does not know something else and the ability to direct the interlocutor to where he can get an answer to his question. Do not rush to get an answer from the first person you meet, even older than you by age. Look at him, look into his eyes, and is he so sincere with you, giving you an answer? And is he sincere to himself, giving himself the right to answer you? To answer a questioner to you is to burden the burden of his question and the sincerity of your answer to your shoulders. Your answer to the question can play a role in the fate of the person you responded to ... Therefore, when you give an answer, remember that you are not God, you are a person. When you go with a question to the sage, then also remember that you are not going to God, but to a person.

Understand and accept this as a given-WISDOM LIVES IN YOURSELF !!! It was given to you by God from birth !!! It's not for nothing that the proverb says "The mouth of the baby is truth!" Every sage lives in every person, not everyone remembers it. You seek answers from wise men, reading books or seeking meetings with them, and the answers live in you. Look for them in yourself, look and find !!! Man is created in the image and likeness of God! To be "the image" or "likeness" of God in the simplest terms means that we were created to be like God. Do you understand what I want to tell you? Mental similarity - because man was created as a rational, strong-willed person, in other words - a person can reason, and can choose. This is a reflection of God's intelligence and freedom. LISTEN TO YOURSELF AND YOU WILL ALLOW YOURSELF INTO YOURSELF !!! Listen to yourself and you will start to find the answers to the questions that concern you !!! Grandfather Guo does not teach you, but talks to you for that, probably to understand himself and tell you about it. Perhaps talking to you, he not only finds answers to his questions, but you also find the answers to your thoughts about something ... IN EVERY MAN, THE SAGE OF THE HUMANEST IS LIVING FOR THE HUMANEST !!!


A source: CypLIVE

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