Today: March 26 2019
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Probably happy?

Probably happy?
We are certainly happy!
If you are not envious,
But also disinterested!
If not crafty,
When the thoughts are sound!
If by hypocrisy
We do not measure friendship.
We are certainly happy,
If not stocky:
We love only once
In joy and in time of need.
When we share our hearts,
And not flattery stelemsya.
When the thought is not judgmental
And the soul is not poor.
We do not live in intrigues,
Beneath the books.
And your thoughts,
Revelations meanings.
We are happy, happy,
Do not act vainly.
Soul, not defaming,
Inventing prophecies.
Doing good things,
Less to become of equals!

Probably happy ...
Happy of course ...
If life is not bad,
If the pain is not eternal ...


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