Today: August 19 2018
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Questions for Grandpa Go

What's the best day of my life?

"The day I woke up this morning!"

What is the worst day of my life?

- I do not know. Let me wake up first.


What should I change in my life, starting again?

- Nothing. What has been done can not be changed.

Would I like to live life first?

- No. The fact that he lived, you will not live.


Would I like to live longer?

- And who decided that I was dying?

Would I like to live longer on Earth?

- No. I want to go home.


Do I know what hunger is?

- Yes! This is when on the one hand a huge loaf of bread, and on the other hand God.


Do I have friends?

- Yes, if they have me.


Why do you need a night in your life?

- In order that if he falls asleep in sin, then wake up in repentance.


Where it is better to pray: in church or at home before icons?

"It's better to pray!"


When I see burning candles in the church, what do I think about?

- I think how many kind words were said that day.


Why do people need money?

- People do not need money. This money needs people.


Do I believe in God?

"I believe God."


What is most difficult: forgive or forget?

"Forgive me."


What is the worst sin?

- Confidence in that is sinless.


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