Today: January 16 2019
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I now began to understand that since the birth and throughout life, the Lord has been telling us something all the time, but we do not see or hear from our stupidity and blindness of the soul.

In 1963, when I was six years old, I came with my uncle to the city where he lived. To live in his family a little, stay. A beautiful ancient city, with an interesting history.

We boys did nothing for days, except how they "drove" on bicycles, climbed the gardens for apples and bathed in the local river. And the river was for me with a fast current, though not deep. I could not swim, I floundered forever near the shore. And the local boys cleverly swam and moved to the other bank, where there were caves. I also wanted with them. And somehow once I decided to cross the river in shallow water ... The current is strong, but the place is shallow, just above the knee. He reached the middle already, resisting the current, but he did not have enough strength. The current blew me off my feet and dragged me to the depths. In general, I began to sink. I remember how I floundered in the water and choked and understood that I was drowning. I remember how some guy from the shore jumped into the water and saved me. I remember how he carried me ashore ... I remember that adults rushed to rescue then, but only one caught up with me in this rapid current and saved me.

That year I did not drown. And soon I went to another city to prepare for my studies.

In 1985, I again found myself in the same city. The city where I once nearly drowned. The truth is already one and no relatives in him no longer lived. Less than six months, as with me there was another "adventure" in this city. The events occurred in a small forest landing, where I met with four rather dashing and aggressive characters. But I'm already an adult and I've had enough of my aggression to withstand someone's. The characters apparently realized this quickly and began to just talk with me. Three of them talked, the fourth came quietly from the back. I lost sight of him for a while. And in vain ... This fourth one killed me. I came to myself on the fifth day in the intensive care unit with a very serious wound in the heart area. When I came to, there was a huge surgeon near me who saved me and said in amazement:

- Probably guy, you are very healthy, if still alive ...
Although I was always a goner. Perhaps he was talking about something else.

That year I did not die, I was alive.

Ten years passed and I once happened to meet that surgeon on the street. The strangest thing is that he recognized me first and his very first question was:

- Are you still alive?!

How did he know that in this city there are events with me, only knowing which the question sounded was quite appropriate?

I'm still alive, if I write all this, and the year is already 2017 ...

Once in 1963 in this city, the Lord saved me by sending a man to help me. The Lord said then:

"Leave and do not come back!"

And after all I left then for another city.

But for some reason he returned after more than twenty years.

The Lord took care of my life, but I did not listen to it. The Lord has once again saved me with his Grace. And this He asked me through 10-t of years:
- Are you still alive?!

You do not hear, you do not see, but still alive ...

Maybe it's my fantasy, maybe it's true. But the Lord is right, the Lord is the Truth. And sometimes we are deaf and blind. The Lord is with us from birth. The Lord always tells us something. He takes care of his children, whatever they are.


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