Today: 22 September 2018
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Maybe I'm wrong ... if it's wrong!

Very often people in disputes go so far that the argument begins to be the question:
- And why are you right, but I'm not?

When I was 20-th years old, my dad was 46-th years old, we undertook to argue with him on one topic ... We argued for a long time, each gave his arguments. But somehow I thought that my father was an old man and could not know what I know in my 20 years ago, just because my time is different, and he lived in a different time, in the past ... This fact did not give me The possibility of conceding to him in a dispute and I stubbornly continued to prove my case.
My father stopped at some point and said:
- Good. You're right, son!
And the dispute ceased ...
I left the dispute with a satisfied winner ... so it seemed to me ...
It seemed ...

Life continued its journey slowly, I grew up, and my father grew old ...
The situation about which we argued happened to me when I was over 40-to years. And when it happened, I remembered clearly our dispute with my father.
I came to him once when I was 40-for more than a few years, and he was already under 70-t and during the conversation he asked:
- Dad, do you remember we argued with you hotly on one topic?
He remembered!
I told him then:
"You must excuse me, father, but in that dispute you were right, but I'm not!"
And he just smiled and replied:
- I know! That's why I agreed with you and did not argue! I knew that you would know it too !!!

Now to me 60-t and I to everyone with whom sometimes I want to say:
"All right, people!" You're right!


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