Today: January 16 2019
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Digging in a pile of shit in search of a diamond, you'll probably find a diamond. But by then you will be in shit yourself.


Strange people sometimes meet in life. First they scold the authorities for the fact that it destroyed throughout the 70-years of Orthodox churches throughout Russia. Now they also scold the Church for building and restoring these churches.

I do not know what they think about when they live in such a negative. They are always dissatisfied with everything. Live like that.

I remembered the anecdote about the greedy girl, who did not eat how much to eat, she always said that it was not enough that she was deprived. And then one day she was given a whole basin of dumplings. She began to eat, but at the same time she said:

"I can imagine how much they put in!"


One man for a long time looked for a scoundrel at least one small speck of the human in his soul. I searched for a long time and found it. A tiny speck of something good.

I wanted to touch, and the speck disappeared. It turned out to be a flea, which bitten the scoundrel, but she also left him.

A lousy dog, even fleas do not bite.


Sometimes I hear people say that they read the Bible and do not understand anything written. Difficult to read, difficult to understand.

I somehow remembered my childhood, when we just go to school, into first grade and begin to study the alphabet. How difficult it is: to learn, remember and correctly pronounce, and write letters! It would seem that the letters of the language on which we speak are difficult. And the teacher, again and again, patiently deals with us. And once we start not only talking correctly, but also we understand what we are saying.

The Bible is the greatest and most important book of Christianity, of Orthodox believers. And how difficult it is to immediately understand to us, Christians, what is written in it. The book of that faith, to which we belong, in which we are baptized, but difficult.

Maybe it's only because we just went to school, are we just starting to become Christians? And slowly, by small steps, reading the Bible, we comprehend the truths spoken in it. But reading. After all, the Bible is our main subject of the school, and the Lord in it is the Teacher. Opening this Book, each time we begin a new lesson.

And, as once we comprehended the letters, so now we comprehend the Word, so in time we will know the Truth!

Lord have mercy.


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