Today: March 23 2019
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Choose or choose?
In the demand market
No questions.
Was born to die!

Learn, il teach?
The one is stupid,
Who is knowledge stingy.
What is given is to live by the sum!

Hear or listen?
Having ears,
We need a soul
Fill, not stupid to eat!

Stare or watch?
Beautiful seeing,
Not offended,
Wish to wish, not to want!

To yell, or to speak?
In the mouth,
To twitch an Adam's apple.
In humility, be silent, and not yell!

Go or run?
And going out on the road,
Forget the thresholds.
What was, you can not reverse!

To argue or prove?
Fate at stake,
Coins are ringing.
I'm sure the one who will know!

Be friends or betray?
You see everywhere
That Judas.
Then Christ decides to give!


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