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Did I say something holy? ..

A familiar phrase? Doing something bad in life, you often hear such an excuse phrase. Is it necessary to be holy not to do something bad?

He told me: "I'm your friend!
But, if suddenly
Happens terrible with you-
I'm not a saint. "

When untrue is a lie,
And in the back is a knife,
The one who stands before you,
He's not a saint.

When hope of grief,
But in vain.
On friendship, say goodbye to a dream,
He's not a saint.

Once doing a favor
As it should, think for yourself,
Are you a saint?

Someone somewhere did something bad
And continuing to groan:
"Forgive me, I got up from the wrong foot,
I'm not a saint.

Why compare all the time with the saints
Myself, those who do not know the holy things?
Why, when you think badly,
Its only to taste lust?

So living a life and making mistakes,
But on the face with a smile,
Justifying a step any,
We hear often: "I'm not a saint!"


A source: CypLIVE