Today: March 24 2019
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I also read something

Sometimes there are interlocutors who are ready to talk on any topic. About God, about faith, about Orthodoxy and computer technologies. Here once again there was such a conversation with an interlocutor, baptized in Orthodoxy, mature enough to enjoy reading and probably computer programs, and probably just computers. We talked for a long time, mainly about faith, understanding of faith. It was sometimes interesting, and sometimes it seemed to me that I was eating a vinaigrette:

  • Potatoes and carrots boil until cooked. Finely chop onion.
  • Cut the cucumbers into cubes. If cabbage is very salty, rinse it, finely chop.
  • Cut the carrots into cubes. Cut the beets into cubes.
  • Cut the potatoes into cubes. ...
  • To fill with vegetable oil.

This guy read so much that his thoughts about faith caused just such a feeling, eating vinaigrette. I listened to it and understood that I no longer care how potatoes and carrots were boiled, and how the onions were cut. How to cut cucumbers, beets. How much salted cabbage and how to shred it. And whether it is necessary to fill all this with vegetable oil, I have not thought of it. From conversation in my head the vinaigrette was already ready.

He was convinced that at his age he already knew everything. He was the energy that will continue his life after death in what surrounds him. Asked if he goes to church, as a baptized person, as a believer, he replied that the church is in him and therefore there is no need to walk.

He spoke very enthusiastically about his knowledge, he quoted many of the books read. He talked about everything and about anything. And we talked about faith, about God, about the soul, about life after death. We talked about the Bible, about the Gospel, according to which we, Orthodox Christians, live.

And then he asked me if I had read the Quran or the Torah? And, as it turned out, he read and no less enthusiastically quoted these books, citing as evidence to his certain convictions. If at the beginning of the conversation I was interested, then in the end I realized that I was eating a vinaigrette. Rather, I rather listen to his recipe, the way of cooking.

I read and read the Bible. I read the soul-searching books of the Holy Fathers and probably I will never understand this guy. I'm just reading the Bible. And every day I try to hear and understand what the Lord wants to say to me.

Unfortunately, in this conversation, full of quotes from many books, full of conviction of my rightness, I still did not hear the Lord. His word was dissolved in finely chopped: potatoes, carrots, beets and onions, chopped cabbage and all this was seasoned with butter ... maybe even vegetable.

Our conversation ended after a while. Was it interesting? Probably yes. Was it useful? Maybe. What's left in the memory? Emptiness.

But this conversation was.


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