Today: March 26 2019
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I saw the light ...

Lonely in the Mind of Thought
Boat of happiness and vice.
In this boat our souls
Waiting for a moment.
When the sky unfolds,
All pierced by the rays.
When the light of illumination
Suddenly, consciousness opens.
The souls will wave their wings,
Rushing into the light of truth.
To the light of truth and pain,
What to comprehend it was necessary.
And from thinking off,
Leaving the life boat,
Straightening the wings to the light,
Souls to the truth soar.
To repentance and rest,
Leaving the boats a burden.
Rising above yourself,
Reflecting in the watery surface ...

Having found peace once,
In the heart of the truth you will know.
You will know yourself too ...
Tearing the sky with light.


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