Today: March 22 2019
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Life can not bite and try. Life is not an apple, when you bite it and it is sour or bitter. When you can throw a stub. If he started eating this fruit named life, then chew until the end. If you decide that you can just bite and throw out a stub, then at the end of your life you'll eat and eat with these sticks, you're bitten.

Got into life, but it's sour, bitter? Eat! Chew it, wrinkled with bitterness, from the acid, which it is filled with. Do not leave stubs that you have to eat yourself.

Got into life, but she's sweet? Do not flatter yourself! A large concentration of sweet will be bitter. But chew, it's yours! Do not leave stubs!

Get out, gnawing at the seed that's inside. Semechko, from which this fruit grew, this fruit, this life. Eat it and you will comprehend wisdom. Eat it and you will know the truth. And only after that will pass and bitterness, and the acid of what you ate. The fact that you lived.

You will be full or hungry, it all depends on you. If you just bite, you'll stay hungry. But there will be a chance to finish the sting. But this will not be fruit, not fruit, not life, but sticks. They will satisfy hunger, but they will not satisfy you.

Life is not an apple. Once you have bitten it, you will know the bitterness of being. Once biting it, you have to eat it. Otherwise you will never come to the truth and you do not recognize it.


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