Today: March 24 2019
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Forget about errors ...

Very often, people who have made mistakes in the past, blame themselves for them throughout their lives.
Forget about past mistakes, you've already committed them.
Forget, because memories of them prevent you from making new ones. Let faults for mistakes, become repentance, and repentance become deeds.
Living life further with a sense of guilt for the past, you will make new mistakes. If you repent of your past mistakes and leave memories of them, you will do things for which you will no longer be ashamed.
What has already been done in the past can not be fixed now. It is impossible, having broken something whole, to make a whole again. It is impossible, in some way making a mistake, to go back and not be mistaken.
It is possible not to break and not to be mistaken now.
Feeling once guilty and repenting, live on so as not to repent for their next acts.
Errors, shame, guilt, leave in the past.
Repentance and deeds let become real.

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