Today: January 16 2019
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Do not tell us what we owe,
Depriving of silence.
Do not tell us ...
With whom grief in half,
With whom and with joy and joy
And eternal life is sweetness.
Do not speak.
And loved, be forever
In the whirlwind of the infinite.
On the day of the start,
On the eighth of March ...
In any of the days,
Pressing the cramped
Hearts to each other,
Her beloved friend,
Favorite wife and mother ...
About whom to remind
Do not.
This is not a reward-
Be in love!?
And live!
Do not say that you should,
It's so important
You in this life fleeting,
Love of the heart.
Hope and anxiety,
When we go the road,
You hug.
How beautiful you are,
That the years are not in vain.
Having lived shoulder to shoulder,
In love and together at all
And many years ago.
Do not tell us what we owe!
Without breaking the silence,
And in this quiet abode,
Who discovered themselves,
A man with strong hands will enter ...


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