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Maternity benefit and childcare


This type of benefit paid to women who have a social insurance as employees or private entrepreneurs. Payments are made within weeks and start 18 6-2 for weeks before the expected date of birth. Maternity benefit and child care is also paid to adoptive mothers, if the adoption took place during the first 12 years from the date of birth of the child.

Terms of deductions for social insurance

Conditions for obtaining this manual assume that the aspirant:

  • has insurance for at least 26 weeks at the start of payments made all necessary contributions to your pension account in the fund in the amount specified in the terms of insurance, there is an amount on account of not less than 26-fold weekly base rate charges;
  • make contributions to your savings account or credited to this account of the previous insurance deductions in the amount of not less than 20-times the weekly base rate.

The amount of benefits

Benefit is 75% of salary from which deductions have been made in the social security fund. The benefit is not paid if the period during maternity woman receives wages in full. In the case of a woman on maternity period incomplete wages, the total amount of salaries and allowances shall not exceed 100% previous salary.


Application for benefits for pregnancy and child care must be filed with the seventh month of pregnancy (or earlier if there is a need for medical reasons), but not later than the day before 21 expected date of childbirth.

Those women who are eligible for benefits at the time of application are abroad, but within the EU, it may apply to the relevant authorities in the host country.

However, they must notify the Department of Social Security of its intention to leave the Republic, pre-sending in an application.

Cypriot authorities also received medical records from general practitioners from EU Member States. If the documents are not sent personally and through a representative, they should be duly notarized and representative - have a power of attorney to conduct business on behalf of the applicant.

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