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In Cyprus, like dairy products

In Cyprus, like dairy products

Dairy products in Cyprus are very loved since antiquity. If the meat is expensive because of the complexity of pastoralism on the island, then it's much easier with milk here. Traditional Cypriot dishes such as yoghurts and cheeses are made from it.

Milk and sour cream

Milk in Cyprus is very tasty, and not only cow, but also sheep and goat milk are valued here. It is fatter than cow's, but the Cypriots love it for that. From these types of milk are produced various delicacies, butter, sour cream, etc. Sour cream on the island is less in demand than yogurt and cheeses, but it is also liked to add to vegetables.


Yogurt is one of the most favorite dairy products of Cypriots. It is made from cow, sheep's milk or a mixture of these. The product is thick, oily and very nutritious.

Yogurt is often used as a base for traditional sauces. For example, they make a Talaturi out of it or simply put it in a salad as a dressing. To create a sweet dessert in yogurt, you can add jam from local fruits - this delicacy will turn out simply magnificent!

Cheese anari

An analog of cottage cheese in Cyprus is friable anari cheese. It is prepared according to a similar principle - the protein folds, boiling in the serum. Anari is often added to salads or mixed with greens and olive oil to make a delicious appetizer. Its gentle sweetish taste and friable consistency make it a worthy substitute for mascarpone.

Cheese halloumi

Halloumi is the national pride of the Cypriots, as well as the favorite delicacy of all the tourists and guests of the island. A very tasty, delicate brine cheese with mint added has an unusual taste and quality - it can be fried in a pan or grill. As a result, the pieces of cheese acquire a crispy aromatic crust, inside of which lies a delicate cheese soft stuffing. A common or fried halloumi is added to salads, sandwiches, served with vegetables and meat.

Cheese Fett

This is an analogue of Greek feta cheese, but the Cypriot variant is more solid and porous. It is used in salads and served with vegetables. Fettu can also be used separately or put in sandwiches - its slightly salty creamy taste will add a new note to any sandwich.

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