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Renga of the Hypnosis

Renga in Greek means herring and this is a very strange and unusual dish for meat Cyprus.

Once in frutery I discovered this salted herring and tried to eat it as a regular smoked mackerel.

Out of the blue! It was salted and tough.

The secret of using this strange fish for a long time did not want to open. And only recently I still learned the details and even tried it at the wine festival, where it was sold in every second institution.
And how did I not notice her previous two years?


They say that before renga was considered a dish of poor people or workers, as it contains lots of useful substances and calories, and it's very easy and quick to cook it. By the same tradition, it is served in a newspaper with a piece of bread and a whole bulb. In order, so to speak, to feel the touch of the proletariat.

Renga with onions and bread


So, Renga, this is salted and then smoked herring. This herring is not native, Atlantic, but it is inexpensive.

Use it only after heat treatment, the herring becomes soft, part of the fat is heated, and with it leaves half the salt.

To eat it you need to sing it on the grill or open fire until the skin peels off. The skin is very salty, always remove it.

Renga on fire

Basically, Renga in its pure form is used as a snack for beer or wine.

But it can also be served with bean dishes or a snack with it.


All salads or dipas with renga are proudly named ρεγγοσαλάτα and consist of absolutely different ingredients. You can add tomatoes, potatoes, bread crumbs or crumbs, yogurt and even (prostigospade) mayonnaise!

Rengosalata with tomatoes

Simply separate the fillet from the bones, mash it with a fork or cut into slices.

Then add the extra virgin olive oil with lemon juice (λαδολέμονο) and leave the fish a little pomarinovatsya.

Cut the red onions and other ingredients and mix everything. Season to taste with vinegar and spices.

If you want dip, then whip in the food processor.


If you find caviar inside the caviar, you can also include it in this dish or make a separate one.

Get almost taramasalata.


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