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Residence permit in Cyprus and a base to obtain a residence permit

1. Business immigration to Cyprus

Immigration permit, in other words a residence permit (permit), Cyprus can be obtained only after the immigration control authority that the applicant for a permit fit any category of six established, from A to F. Residence permit implies a permanent residence in the country, ie person who has received a residence permit, it is resident in Cyprus. Residence permit is not limited validity, but it is worth noting that if the holder was absent in the country more 2 years, a residence permit may be revoked. Residence permit also applies to dependent family members (husband / wife, minor children). Updates for a residence permit is not required when a new passport stamp placed on existing residence permit.

Recently, the Department of Registration and Migration Services reject an application for a residence permit in the following categories:

  • "A" - entrepreneurs with / x area or associated with it;
  • "B" - entrepreneurs in the development of mines;
  • "C" - professionals and workers trade areas.

It should be noted that exceptions are applicants with temporary residence permit.

The possibility of obtaining the status of the visitor are only wealthy people, because its design is required to provide proof of sufficient financial means to live on the island: the rate of not less 20 thousand euros per person. This type of residence permit excludes the right to work in this country. Typically, the period of issuing the residence permit is about 3 months after submission of documents to the immigration office, while waiting for permission for residence permit applicant has a legal right to stay on the island.

Having owned property in Cyprus, you can get a permanent residence permit. However, this condition can be relaxed in the case where the applicant can demonstrate the stability of their financial situation, and the funds should be much higher than the statutory minimum. Approval of applications in this category excludes the possibility of the recipients residence permit labor activity during their stay in Cyprus, irrespective of whether the resident gets paid for their work or not. In this case, a family living in Cyprus, it must be due to savings or other income. Most recently, on Cyprus adopted a law under which a residence permit category «F» can get not only retirees, but also persons receiving regular income from abroad or from bank deposits of the island. Established minimum amounts for in this case is not, as each case is considered individually, and the applicant may not have property in the property.

2. Jobs Cyprus and Nicosia

Making a work visa in Cyprus - a complicated procedure. This type of visa is suitable for those people who wish to develop their business on the island and still have sufficient financial strength to open it. In order to become the owner of a work visa, the applicant must be the owner of the operating company with its registered office in Cyprus, with real capital should be more 170 thousand euros. Working visa implies not only the opening of the company, but the work on the contract.

Status Emploment - a temporary residence permit. For those who are planning to find a job in Cyprus, the authorization of residence must tick Emploment. Such permission is granted to managers or staff to meet specific requirements, as well as private entrepreneurs engaged in some economic sectors in Cyprus. Foreigners workers receiving a temporary residence permit and a work permit, divided into categories A to E, each of which imposed individual specific requirements. And most importantly: the Charter of Civil Rights classifies persons above categories of citizens who "proposed permanent employment in Cyprus, provided that it does not cause any serious competition in the local labor market."

3. Education and Higher Education in Cyprus

Foreign students are not entitled to employment in Cyprus, and they are required to take at least a minimum set of courses with the immigration law. The price of training for foreigners on the island is much higher than for the local citizens. Foreign students who wish to undergo training in Cyprus, must obtain a residence permit in the Department of Registration and Migration. Such permission is granted only for training in certain schools of the island. When you change the institution foreigners must obtain a new permit. For students who have the desire to learn and work at the same time, there are individual exceptions. Most recently, a law was passed by which foreign students can find a job, provided that they are studying in university or college recognized by the Government of Cyprus for full-time students, with a full training period must be at least six months.

Jobs Cyprus for Russian and other foreign students should take maximum 20 hours a week and only in these sectors of employment. For foreign students are allowed to employment following vacancies in Cyprus: an assistant at car washes or gas stations, the driver on delivery fast food, with a / c or fish farm, nurse care for the elderly, a janitor, an assistant in a cafe or restaurant. If you want a permanent job in Cyprus, job employers and resumes of applicants can be found on websites, but it is worth knowing that there are a high level of competition.

The main documents that foreign student must provide are valid residence permit, schedule training sessions (hours may not coincide with the learning time), as well as the contract signed by both parties to work. His student can apply to the employment center of Cyprus for its further approval. After thorough inspection of working conditions established by contract, as well as in compliance with these terms and conditions approved by the contract.

Note: Russian language in Cyprus is very popular today, it is published by many newspapers and magazines, there is even a Russian regions and the Diaspora. So find a Russian translator here is very simple.

4. Property in Cyprus

Owning your own home in Cyprus does not give any rights in respect of the residence and employment on the island. Fact tenure greatly simplifies entering the country for a period of not more 6 months a year. Cyprus property owner has the right to stay on the island as a visitor or a permanent resident, as well as the person who fills citizenship, or an immigrant category «F».

When considering applications by category «F» of foreign nationals priority are those who purchased a property worth more than 300 thousand euros in property directly for permanent residence in Cyprus. An important condition is the existence of stable income from foreign sources, sufficient to contain all family members.

Permanent residence in Cyprus:

A permit for permanent residence in Cyprus can be obtained after 5 years stay in the country is equivalent to relocate within the EU. This type of permanent and must be renewed every five years, it is worth noting that the status is automatically extended.

Long-term residence permit in the EU or EU Green Card is available to any third-country nationals legally residing in Cyprus for at least 5 years and has a valid residence permit, it is necessary to apply for EU Green Card. Do not forget that the deadline for the applicant's absence on the island is strictly regulated, in total this period shall not exceed 10 months. It is worth noting that students face extending probation, home and seasonal workers, refugees, diplomats and diplomatic missions can not file such an application.

EU Green Card holders and members of their families shall have the same rights as EU citizens:

  • employment (excluding government agencies) and conduct private business;
  • for tax benefits (if any local law);
  • to education (can also receive a scholarship);
  • in social security, as well as a number of other rights.

Citizenship Cyprus:

Citizenship by birth can be obtained only if one or both parents are citizens of Cyprus. Child acquires citizenship regardless of place of birth. Also you can get citizenship through marriage to a citizen of Cyprus, while living together in a marriage should be more than three years. Cyprus citizenship can be obtained in the case, if you lived on the island more 7 years (with periods of absence from the total number of years are deducted, and if the absence of one-off lasted more 3 months, the time counter is reset). After that, you must wait until the consideration of your question, during his examination may take an average 5 years. But even in this situation, citizenship is not guaranteed. There have been cases where people living in Cyprus for more 14 years, twice to apply for citizenship, in both cases refused.

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