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The most terrible civil war monument

Those who were lucky enough to 70-ies of the last century to visit the resort of Varosha in Cyprus, were certainly unforgettable memories: kilometers of golden sandy beaches, beautiful sea, luxury villas, welcoming residents - all seem to be specially created for a fun and relaxing holiday. Rooms in hotels of Varosha popular multi Book two decades ahead tourists from England and Germany, and the city itself, with its developed infrastructure, considered the pearl of the beautiful Cyprus.

But in August 1974 year has changed dramatically as a bad fairy tale - by magic fairies evil: he was a fashionable resort - has become a ghost town. Here are just a performer role fairies still can not identify. According to one version, this is England, as an influential member of NATO, the influence of the mighty annoyed at the time of the Soviet Union on the progressive forces in the Middle East, Cyprus has introduced a "Turkish occupation", thus dividing the island into two unequal parts and retaining control over the territory of Western Europe .

Different vision of conflict states that Turkey itself was forced to send troops to the island resort in order to prevent a coup attempt which took Greek fascists.

Whatever it was, the civil war broke out in Cyprus and ended on the same day, leaving irreversible consequences: all Greek residents comfortable and prosperous town of Varosha fled in a hurry from the Turkish invaders, leaving it like it is: dirty plates on the table, hung laundry on a clothesline, food in the fridge. Empty, numb 16-thousandth of the town, as if he did not have it on the east coast of Cyprus.

Since then, almost forty years have passed - exactly the same amount Varosha waits for its inhabitants back, presenting the world with the most terrible monument to the civil war. Luxury hotels, luxury private villas, shops and restaurants have long been looted by Turkish marauders, (and even the locals had something to profit from), their cracked walls crumbled under the scorching sun, the crane suspended sadly over the dead construction, among the wildly overgrown shrubs and weeds, with crosses, inspiring hope in souls. A gentle sea wind for four decades shatters the linen on ropes, and the eerie silence of the ghost town is violated only by the sea surf, the cries of seagulls and ... the trampling of the boots of Turkish soldiers and UN peacekeepers.

Fenced by barbed wire, plundered and reviled Varosha slow agony, reminding the world of the senseless brutality of war.

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