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Baptism in Cyprus

In the life of every Orthodox Christian one of the most important events is the Epiphany. Through baptism a person becomes a member of the Church. Only after Baptism man gets access to all church sacraments, above all, to Communion, in which, according to the teachings of the church, there is a connection between man and God.

In Cyprus, a strong tradition of the Orthodox Church and the Orthodox religion is one of the traits of the national mentality, Epiphany - one of the most memorable in every family.

Even before the birth of the baby, parents choose him godfather or godparents. Very often it is a family member, cousins, aunts and uncles, nephews, parents of a child. Subsequently, they become even closer to parents and they are called Kumbaros and / or Kumar, both in Russia and Qom Qom.

Baptism does not postpone "indefinitely." Toddler trying to baptize six months old. Chosen church, guests convened and begin preparing for the holiday.

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Godparents must pay all costs for the preparation for the sacrament. And they are not enough. Should be ordered invitations, bombonerki, clothing (3 kit) for his godson, a cross with a chain, candle accessories to church for baptism. And yet, according to tradition godparents pay half with parents baby gala dinner. So kumbarosy must not only close friends, moral and spiritual, but that would not hurt, not poor.

Guests are invited a lot, necessarily all relatives and friends, colleagues and neighbors. Guests are not less than 30 families, and sometimes 100. Each family receives a colorful invitation, where the time is assigned and the church is indicated in which the baby is baptized, what name he will be given and who his godparents are. It also indicates a tavern or a banquet hall, where the event will be celebrated, because for various reasons not everyone can come to church. Each guest wears a small "badge" on their clothes - a martyric, which shows everyone that this is a participant and witness of the great sacrament of baptism.

Sacrament is made traditionally, as in Russia, with one exception. Own mother can attend the baptism of the child, before the ritual priest reads a special prayer over it.

After church all go in a specially ordered for celebration tavern. Interior decorating her festively. Parents and godparents baby stand at the entrance and greeted each guest. They give every visitor a special cake - bombonerki each family a small souvenir. The traditional gift for christenings, like a wedding - the money in the envelope.

If you are interested in the details of the sacraments, as well as you have any questions, why give money? Why godparents give 3 clothing set baby? What other sacraments necessarily make in the coming days after his baptism? Than treat the guests at the party? And many others - we will tell you in detail on one of our excursions.

If you have the desire to baptize their child to be baptized himself in Cyprus, we can help you with this.

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