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What are the Greek names?

Before I start to make fun of the Greek names, I must inform you that on my husband I myself - Macri, which means long. So, as they say my favorite Greeks, «όποιος κοροϊδεύει, κοροϊδεύει τα μούτρα του» - «Who mocks, he mocks his own countenance" (ie something like: you would have looked at himself..!).

For an uninitiated person, all Greek surnames sound about the same. "Popandopulos of some kind," - in my time, all my friends compelled my Greek friends to conclude. True, not all of them (names, not Greeks) are so long and sonorous. There are also completely inexpressive, over which you can not even joke especially: Razis, Bakas, Khatzis, John, Malta, Lingu, Tsiora. No, if you are a Greek, be kind, be called so that foreigners will break their tongue: Papakonstantinou, Paraskevopoulos, Macriyanis, Joakimidis! (By the way, while this article was being prepared, I caught a glimpse of this: Margonenos Emmanuel-Chrisovalandis! That's how it is!)

Most Greek surnames come from toponyms - say, Maniatis (from Mani), Moraitis (from Moryas - the popular name of the Peloponnese peninsula), or from nicknames. Some surnames end with the ending of the origin, say "-idis" or "-adis" - the classical Pontic (Fotiadis, Ignatiadis, Tanakidis), "-oglu" - from Asia Minor (Hatzoglu, Portokaloglu), "-pulos" - from the Peloponnese ( Pulopoulos, Papayanopoulos), "-akos" - from Mani (Pandelakos, Dimitrakos), "-akis" - Crete (Verakakis, Stavrudakis), "-usis" - from the island of Chios (Vardusis), "-atos" - from the island of Kefalonia (Gerolimatos).

Yet the main categories of the origin of the names of four of the Greek name, locality, occupation and nickname. The most common ones are at its root have some name: Kostis, Georgis, Constantine, Antonio, Stephanopoulos, Stephanides, etc. (especially often such names in Cyprus - and not immediately clear where the name, and where.. Name: Costakis Constantinou, Lambros Lambrou, etc.).

Next: the place where the person was born or lived. Usually formed by the name of a village or a wider geographic region: Ipirotis, Politis, Psarianos, Patrinos. Clearly, this four comrades - originally from Epirus, Constantinople (= "Poly"), Psara and Patras respectively.

Now - for the name of the profession, from the oldest to the newest: Ambelás ( «Αμπέλι» - a vineyard), Zonaras ( «Ζώνη» - belt), Grammatikos ( «Γράμματα» - letters, diploma), Psaras ( «Ψάρι» - fish) Samaras ( «Σαμάρι» - seat). (Personally, I had a friend named Nikos Psomas - from the word «ψωμί» - bread, and there was this Psomas well, so chubby just like natural bun!)

Formed by many names and nicknames relating to the physical or moral characteristics of a person: Vrahnos (husky), Kamburis (hunchback), Levendis (well done), Vyastikos (hurried), Agelastos (unsmiling). (I used to know one Dimitris Pistikosa - ie Dmitry Convincing (Πειστικός), and tried to convince me that Dimitris is that there is no better than his men in this world, but alas - proved inconclusive.

It also happens that a person is compared to some animal or plant, and this is also reflected in the names: Gatos (Cat) Revifis ( «ρεβύθι» - peas). (Did you know that the real name of the Nobel laureate Odysseas Elytis - actually Alepudelis, that is like "Lisichkin» (αλεπού - fox) Often this type of names describe certain kinship:. Pateras (father), Engonopulos (from «εγγονός» - grandson), Orfanos (orphan).

And what are the names in your Greek friends and girlfriends?

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