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Art of Cyprus

In Cyprus, you can discover the art through numerous art galleries and private workshops.

For many years artists have come to Cyprus to inspire dramatic scenery, relaxed way of life and breathe the air of the island and a special focus exclusively on art.

Art in Cyprus special. Through a complex historical destiny of the island, cultures and civilizations contributed to the culture of the country. Art of Cyprus occupies an important place in the development of the island.

Visit the galleries of Cyprus and you will learn not only the ancient art of the island, but with a modern, believe that, very interesting!

For example, the gallery En Plo, that is in Paphos, will surprise you with private exhibitions by local artists.

It is not strange, art treasures on the island can also be found in small villages, such as in the studio Artemis, that is close to Paphos, namely in Kissonerga. Some artists work here, including sculptor Karen Betts.

Numerous tendencies that dominated the twentieth century, had some influence on contemporary artists of Cyprus, the art which arose primarily from the different forms of abstraction, conceptualism and minimalism.

Holidays in Cyprus, be sure to visit Art Center in Nicosia, housed in an old building power. The Center actively supports contemporary art and creativity, so you can always see major exhibitions.

Also visit the city galleries and art centers that are located in Larnaca and Limassol.

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