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World thematic conference of compatriots living abroad, "About the contribution of compatriots to the world culture".

29 - 30 October 2013 in Moscow, the Renaissance Hotel hosted the World thematic conference "On the contribution of compatriots to the world culture." 175 delegates from 79 countries of the world, as well as guests from Russia, took part in it. They were representatives of the creative intelligentsia of the foreign countries, including figures of culture and literature, art and theater, education and book printing, scientists and philosophers. From Cyprus, the forum was attended by Yuri Pyanikh, President of the Association of Russian Businessmen in Cyprus, and Boris Pobedimsky, general director of the Cypriot publishing house "Yianel". After the plenary session, the work of the conference continued in three sections. Members of the Cypriot delegation took part in the work of the sections: "The Cultural Space of the Russian World" and "Preservation of the Ethno-Cultural Identity of the Russian Foreign Community," where issues of the creative potential of Russian compatriots, book publishing and world spiritual and moral values ​​were discussed.

Before the inauguration of the conference, Boris Pobedimsky presented to the members of the presidium books from the publishing houses "Churches of Cyprus", "The Mysterious World of Frescos" and "The Holy Monasteries of Cyprus". A worthy award to the publishing house "Yianel" and its constant sponsor - the Association of Russian Businessmen in Cyprus - was the words of the chairman of the World Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots A. V. Lobanov: "Rarely do you see books that I would like to take home. But I'll take your books with me. "

Opening of the conference. 29 October 2013 Cyprus delegation - Yu. Pyanikh and B. Pobedimsky

Current events of the publishing house "YIANEL"

One of the notable events of the summer of 2013 was the publication of Svetlana Pobedimskaya's book "The Holy Monasteries of Cyprus", published in the Cypriot publishing house "Yianel". The new edition in Russian, based on real historical documents and archival materials, describes the 43-x ancient and modern Orthodox monasteries of the island, in twenty of which the spiritual feat is performed by women. The new book "Holy Monasteries of Cyprus" tells about the historical destinies of monastic monasteries, about their architectural complexes, painted monastery temples, miraculous icons, healing holy springs, unique frescoes and talented icon painters who created these priceless creations of church art for ages. All the photographs used in the book, over 400, are original and many of them are printed for the first time.

The work on the creation of the book "Holy Monasteries of Cyprus" was painstaking and complex. Materials on the history of individual monasteries have not been preserved much, often these are scattered and time-consuming notes by travelers, including the tireless "pedestrian" Vasily Grigorovich-Barsky. In his only work: "The pedestrian Vasily Grigorovich-Barsky Plaka Albov, a native of Kiev, a monk of Antioch, traveling to holy places in Europe, Asia and Africa being, undertaken in 1723 and finished in 1747 year, he himself wrote," called intricately and in detail, - he left to his descendants not only a description of the ancient monasteries and churches of Cyprus, but also drawings made from nature - pictures of an epoch that leaves us further and further. When the first edition was published in 1778, carried out on the direct order of Prince Grigory Potemkin, it quickly dispersed in handwritten copies, and then withstood seven repetitions. Of course, the publisher of the book "Holy Monasteries of Cyprus" was primarily interested in the chapters dedicated to the Cypriot monasteries, because they confirmed the mere existence of the monastery in that time period. But often this was enough to grab onto a thin thread, untangle a complex tangle of antiquity, woven from facts, human legends and legends. The publication of a voluminous, informationally rich book "The Holy Monasteries of Cyprus", which contains 196 pages, was preceded by numerous publications by the publishing house on the topic "Orthodox Culture of Cyprus".

The new book "Holy Monasteries of Cyprus" is a rare and unique opportunity provided by the publishing house "Yianel" with the support of Cypriot companies and the Association of Russian Businessmen in Cyprus, to learn a lot of new and useful about all the Orthodox monasteries of the island, among which are the monasteries of the most ancient revived Metropolitan Thamasos . It is symbolic that such a serious publication was prepared and published in Cyprus in the year of the celebration of the 1025 anniversary of the Baptism of Rus.

The fourth edition of the book "Monastery of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Kikk"

The fourth edition of the book "The Monastery of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Kikk", published in 2013 by the publishing house "Yianel", is dedicated to the fate of the legendary holy monastery and its icon of the icon of the Mother of God the Merciful (Eleus), written, according to legend, by the apostle Luke even during the earthly life of the Virgin Mary. The authors of the book reveal many historical strata of this amazing phenomenon of world Orthodoxy. The book details the complex history of the ancient monastery, its architectural ensemble, gold-plated mosaics and the cathedral church, where the ancient icon of the Most Holy Theotokos of the Most Merciful is carefully preserved, which the Byzantine emperor Alexius Comnenus presented to the monastery in the 11th century. The miraculous icon of the Theotokos of the Most Merciful (Kikks Eleusa) is the only icon in the world that for many thousands of years did not disappear from sight. The publication tells about the numerous miracles created by the Virgin of Kikk, and about the unique Church-Archaeological Museum, where the most valuable items of church art are collected. The first edition of the book was published in 2006 year - in the memorable year of the celebration of the 900 anniversary of the establishment of spiritual ties between Russia and Cyprus. In 2007, the book was translated into Greek and English. To date, the Russian and Greek versions of the book have already undergone several reissues.

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