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Music of Cyprus

Music of Cyprus includes a variety of classical, folk and pop genres. Importantly, Cyprus folk music is very similar to Greek folk music.

Cyprus has changed many times to the Middle Ages, and was an important outpost of Christianity Western civilization during the Crusades. Island was considered the cultural capital of Europe for 1359 1432 year. During this period, the country has become a very popular French music. During the Middle Ages it was created more than two hundred polyphonic compositions, both spiritual and secular. Today they are part of the collection of the National Library of Turin.

A major figure Renaissance music was Gioseffo Zarlino, the peak of his creativity falls on 1550-1560 year. Note that reached us a lot of songs about the times of the Byzantine conquest, the Ottoman Empire and other attacks on Cyprus.

Cyprus Traditional music is very similar to Greek music, which includes folk dances.

For example, "bouzouki" - is a traditional dance of the same name under the instrument. Bouzouki - a stringed musical instrument of Cyprus and Greece. Some time this tool considers music to the criminal world and was banned.

Cypriots are very funny people, they love to sing and dance. Feature of the island that mostly men sing and dance all and no one hesitates. Cyprus many taverns where gather artists, actors, musicians. Evenings spent in such places, have an unmatched warm atmosphere. Here you can hear all the music styles and trends that exist today.

As for contemporary music, in Cyprus there are many talented artists such as Michalis Hadzhiyani, Evie Adam Despina Olympia.

Music of Cyprus is very diverse and unusual, this can be explained by saturation of the history and natural musicality Cypriots that much important.

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