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National costumes of Cyprus

Cyprus traditional costumes are an integral part of the culture of the island. Despite the fact that the costumes may differ cloth and other items depending on the region, as a whole they maintain their identity and reflect the history of the people of Cyprus.

Each costume is a complex work of art, which includes methods of processing raw materials, weaving and jewelery. National costume - it is a true expression of folk art.

In comparison, for example, with the Greek national costumes, Cypriot different color fabric combination of elements, as well as jewelry and accessories. In general, the costumes of the island are more conservative, but that in any case, does not affect the diversity and charm.

Until 19-century, women wore Islands Sayia - this tunic with long sleeves, open front and sides, as well as trousers, blouses and leather boots. Sayia made from different fabrics: cotton, fine silk or ethylene. This tunic was much shorter than the blouse. It is important to note that in the Middle Ages Cyprus famous gold embroidery on clothes.

The woman's headdress consisted of two handkerchief, one of them supported the hair, and the second covered the head. The latter was made of thin cotton in different colors, dark green for young women and for older brown.

As for men's suit, it consisted of tightly pleated baggy pants, shirts and jackets. Wide belt worn around the waist, black older men young and vibrant colors. Shape, color, kan trousers and jackets depends on the terrain of the island.

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