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What popular villa in Cyprus?

Villa on the sunny Cyprus - a real dream of everyone who wants to become the owner of the resort real estate abroad; beautiful location, great views, a true Mediterranean warmth and bonuses of life at sea; while in Cyprus villas have their differences from other homes warm European countries: a look at what makes a possession on the sunny island special.

The most important features

A cozy island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus - a well-established tradition, rich in sunshine land, clean sea, fresh fruits and vegetables, and comfortable accommodation. Villas in Cyprus and externally and internally different from the houses in other countries. Cyprus - a country compact and, in general, even the premium housing here is more modest area in comparison to other resort areas. In architecture and device Cyprus villas influenced the country's history and a common way of island life.

Family friendly here, so be sure to have a patio for common gatherings, as well as a spacious living room, and, as often several generations lived together, from the yard, you can enter in the different parts of the house. Also, it is obligatory area for a leisurely meal in the open air, in a modern version equipped with a barbecue. Pool - not traditional, but it has become a mandatory element of modern Cyprus villa. Citrus garden with a juicy lemon and orange trees, fragrant herbs and trees that cast a shadow soundly, - the card of any self-respecting villas in Cyprus.

1. Architecture

Construction of homes in Cyprus has always reflected the "closed" nature of the local community, so all villas islands share common architectural elements: private patios in the heart of the house and a large living room. From the patio, you can usually get to the different parts of the house - usually in two or three long, narrow room, which is called here makrinaria, as well as in storage or in the most spacious part of the house, consisting of two rooms, - dichora.

As for the sides of the world, then in Cyprus - and in the Mediterranean as a whole - at home, looking to the south or east, are valued the most, because they more around the world. It is recommended to them to pay attention to the experts. But, of course, traditional house in Cyprus are based on the basis of the budget composition and preferences of a single family. Today in Cyprus you can find a lot of "rethinking" of the traditional architecture in the modern incarnation. These villas are built from natural stone, for centuries the former main building material on the island. The modern concept of the villas perfectly fit into the traditional attributes of the Cypriot architecture: patios, water design elements and a spacious living and dining rooms.

2. Exterior

If several decades in succession dominated the classic style, but today more and more popularity is gaining popularity style of "barefoot luxury" when all the elements of interior and exterior design fuse into a single picture with the environment, be it a mountain or seaside in interior design and exterior Cyprus villas.

The philosophy of a healthy lifestyle and unity with nature accents in favor of large air spaces, natural materials and concise environment. During the construction of villas used a lot of glass, which allows you to "save" the beautiful views from the window, "let" in the house a lot of light, allow the designer to "play" with the texture of wood and stone. Although with some delay, Cyprus is trying to keep up with the progress. In the early exterior often used decorative plaster, today the prevailing stone and wood.

3. Interior

As for the colors of the interior, it is so popular a few years ago, dark tones, is considered a sign of luxury housing, Cyprus replaced light colors.

Buyers and designers prefer the white, airy colors and shapes. Almost all the renovations involve a lot of air and prefer natural materials and accessories. Such a trend is distinguished and modern development projects. Save the charm of traditional design, adding to its ultramodern technological discoveries - that the main task of modern decorators and designers.

4. Living space

Cyprus - a country compact and even compact villa here. Any house from 3-4 bedrooms, with a plot 500-600 square. m here is already being called the villa! Traditionally Greek reasonable approach to housing size, taking into account the needs of the family, lifestyles and taxes. Most of the life of the Cypriot family spends outdoors, so the "palace" the size of the houses here are extremely rare.

House of 100 400 to the square. m fully satisfy the vital needs of Cypriot families. Bungalows called a house of about 100 square. m, the average house has 200 square meters. м. Luxury real estate varies from 300 500 to «squares». For example, a standard three bedroom villa will have an area about 160-200 square. m, with four bedrooms - 200-300 square. м. In general, Cyprus is considered that the content of the villa over 350 square. m can afford not everyone. Large houses on the square 500. m in Cyprus is not much. For comparison, recall the French chateau, in the territory where you can simply get lost or Italian estates, which area can easily be 800 square. m and above.

5. parcel

As well as the area of ​​the buildings themselves, the area adjacent land in Cyprus is also relatively small. On average, it is up to 1,5 5 from ares. Like most Europeans, Cypriots do not build fences. Most often, they simply replace more beautiful, blend into the landscape of hedges.

For registration of sites using native plants that are well adapted to the hot climate conditions. Cyprus has taken start a small garden with citrus trees, break the lawns of grass, planted roses. Patios equipped with modern appliances for cooking food outdoors. Almost always - a barbecue, a table with canopy beds and comfortable rattan pool, which is fashionable to fill with sea water in recent years.

6. Construction Materials

In Cyprus, the hot and humid climate, so the houses are usually built of durable materials, such as concrete and stone.

House class "luxury" are constructed of reinforced concrete taking into account although weak, but still existing seismic activity of the island, with natural stone finishes. These homes will be transferred by inheritance is not in one generation of the family and does not require large expenditures for the maintenance of residential status. In Cyprus, almost accustomed frame-metal homes, and about wood can not be considered because of the high humidity and wood shortage on the island.

7. Contents and operation

Today, as elsewhere in the world, Cyprus is trending ecological materials, technology, caring about the environment and smart solutions.

For a start it is very important to correctly position the house on the site, has sufficient natural light and heat. Solar panels and water treatment plants are used in the construction of new houses and much help to save energy. While this type of energy is used on the island would not be as active as he could, but he did firmly holds its position.

7 tips to readers who plan to buy a villa in Cyprus

1. Choose from a number of villasWhich were built with the use of new technologies and to meet the needs that exist in your family.

2. Purchase villa reasonablesizes, since most of the time in Cyprus you will be on the street. Remember that when buying a home of over 200 square. m you lose the tax benefits.

3. The villas are located close to the seaRequire airing monthly and annual maintenance, according to their maintenance costs - higher.

4. Think of residential complexeslow-density development. In the absence of fences will be difficult to retire if villas are located close to each other.

5. Look at the marketand all the benefits of Cyprus in buying a home. Who is buying property in Cyprus could become more relevant than ever.

6. Do not forget that buyingvillas cost from € 2 million "give" you and your family the citizenship of Cyprus.

7. To search for villas and transactionbe sure to contact a professional realtor to save money, be sure to select the correct and avoid significant legal errors.

A source: HomesOverseas