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What to choose?

In Cyprus, there are two possible approaches to choosing an educational institution. Here there are a number of schools ("Tinaros", LITC, etc.), where the program is fully consistent with the Russian educational system and training there is in Russian.

Tuition in LITC from 1000 1700 to Euro per year, depending on the class, elementary school less. Graduates receive a certificate of the Russian sample. If the wishes of the parents is such that they want to give their child the only foreign education, the crown of which is a bachelor's or master's College of England, America or France, then start learning stands in one of the international schools in Cyprus.

The school curriculum is structured in accordance with the requirements of the British education system. Tuition depends on the age and the program is from 3000 5000 to Euro. It is also possible accommodation with full board at the school, the cost is about 7000 Euro per year. There are discounts (up 20%) in the case of simultaneous training of several children from the same family.

From all points of view, the ideal start for international higher education is Cyprus. Most Cypriot universities are teaching in English and work program, similar to programs of universities in England and the United States. If properly constructed chain of Cyprus and the Western European or American universities, you can start learning to Cyprus and then to finish even the most prestigious university in the world! In general, it will cost three times cheaper than if immediately start in England or the United States.

One of the most popular schools is Intercollege, which has students from more than 30 countries. Intercollege offers a wide range of subjects: business management; marketing; accounting; banking and finance; international relations; design; hotel management and tourism, as well as several other disciplines.

Intercollege is constantly working with some famous Russian universities such as Moscow State Institute and the Academy of National Economy. Plekhanov. On average for the year is about 6000 Euro.

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